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Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy or you need to pick up a few extra baby essentials now that your little one is here, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive baby and nursery range. From stunning nursery furniture and gifts through to practical necessities like nappies, changing tables and baby proofing products designed to help you make your home a safe space for your baby, you’re sure to find everything you could possibly require to take great care of your child in those early months and years. If you’re a mum-to-be then you’ve no doubt got a lot on your mind in the run-up to your due date - but with our fantastic range of maternity clothes, stepping out in style and comfort is one thing you definitely don’t need to worry about. 

Bedtime for baby

Little ones need plenty of sleep to grow and develop, so it’s crucial to create an environment where they can rest safely and soundly. Moses baskets can be a fantastic nursery addition for newborns as they provide them with a cosy space where they feel enclosed and secure, but a cot is also a great choice - and because our designs enable you to change the height of the mattress, these can be adjusted as your baby grows. And a pure cotton baby sleepsuit is just the thing for your bundle of joy to stay comfy while they snooze. 

When it comes to bedding we have plenty of sets to choose from - but you might also consider a baby sleeping bag. If you’d rather not have the hassle of sheets and blankets then these are a brilliant choice. Check out our Grobags which provide a safe place for your baby to sleep, with designs to suit little ones from birth to 36 months. These give your bundle of joy room to move, roll and kick their legs, without getting constricted or tangled in blankets. 

It’s no secret that parenting can be tiring and even when your little one isn’t waking you up during the night, chances are you’ll want to get up to check on them and their well-being anyway. That’s where baby monitors come in seriously handy, giving you complete peace of mind that your baby is safe and content. We have options from all budgets, from basic audio models through to hi-tech video and audio designs featuring a two way talk function and a pan, tilt and zoom camera with night vision capabilities. 

Baby toys

Play is one of the most important and effective ways your little one can learn and develop key life skills, so it’s crucial to provide them with a wide variety of fun and engaging toys. From play mats through to building blocks and everything in-between, you’ve come to the right place. And we’ve also got you covered for toys which will soothe and amuse your baby while giving you a little time to catch up on tasks and chores around the house; take a look at our selection of baby bouncers which cradle and gently bounce your baby. A supportive strap will keep them securely in place - while a detachable bar with sensory toys will delight your little one and aid their cognitive development. Choose a design with a detachable head hugger to ensure your young baby’s head is supported too. 

Baby travel 

Getting from A to B can be a whole different ball game when you’ve got a little one with you, but we have everything you need to make journeys as easy and safe as can be. When it comes to hitting the road with your bundle of joy, a baby car seat is crucial. The right car seat for your baby depends on their weight rather than their age, and you’ll find options from Group 0 plus through to Group 1-2-3 in our comprehensive range. It’s worth considering a design which can rotate by 360 degrees so you can make quick and easy work of getting your baby in and out of the car too. Until your little one is 9KG, it’s worth bearing in mind that they’ll need to be rear-facing - and a baby car mirror will enable you to safely keep an eye on how they’re doing while you drive. 

Feeding essentials 

Whether you’re breastfeeding your baby or using formula, we have you covered with all the necessities from bottles to breast pumps, sterilisers and more. And once your little one is ready to make the move to solid foods, be sure to take a look at our baby food processes so you can create nutritious and delicious food for your baby from scratch. Our highchairs are another essential when it comes to the weaning process, providing a secure space for your baby to sit and get to grips with new foods and their first cutlery. Opt for a design featuring multiple recline angles and height adjustments - while a removable, dishwasher safe tray makes clean-up that bit easier.

Perhaps you’ve been charged with planning a baby shower for a mum-to-be? Check out our baby shower ideas for lots of inspiration - and when it comes to gifts, baby clothes are a fail-safe option so there’s always a fresh change at the ready in those first few months.